Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Budding Pastry Chef

This year, Molly wanted to help me decorate her birthday cake. We started small -- putting the frosting on in the middle of the cake. She quickly tired of this, let me finish the job and waited for the real prize...the sprinkles.
Things started off well but, when you are three, patience isn't your strong suit. The whole bottle of sprinkles made its way onto the cake.
Next up -- Dora sugar appliques. We like to use sugar appliques because it reminds us of our Aunt Marcia.
And finally..

The main event!

Happy Birthday, Molly-moo!

**I apologize to all of our faithful readers for the lack of a birthday montage for our newly 3 year old girl. We had some technical difficulties when I tried to post pictures from two different computers. I hope to fix everything and get a worthy birthday montage in place soon.**